• Seafood

Port Fresh Seafoods are known for offering the freshest local seafood on the Mid North Coast! Our selection includes fresh fish fillets, whole fish, sushi quality fish and seafood platters. 

Fresh Fish Fillets
Atlantic Salmon, Deep Sea Perch, Swordfish, Mahi Mahi, Blackfish, Mullet, Flathead, Ocean Trout, Whiting (Red Spot, Sand), Snapper, Blue Eye Cod, Barramundi, Coral Trout, Tuna.

Whole Fish
Snapper, Sand Whiting, Silver Bream, Atlantic Salmon, Ocean Trout, Mullet, Flathead, Rainbow Trout, Garfish, Smoked Rainbow Trout.
Sauces & Marinades - Try our sauces and marinades to dress up your fresh seafood. 

Seafood Platters - Our platters are perfect for any party!

Sushi Quality Fish - We offer only the best sushi!

We get new seafood daily, so our inventory is always changing. For the most up-to-date information on what we have in stock, visit our Facebook page.  
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